Paint With Light Solutions offers custom training classes to meet your company or individual needs. From beginners, to seasoned applicators looking for cutting edge LumiLor application techniques, Pete’s training will put you on the road to success.


Pete’s artistic talents and expertise of LumiLor, a sprayable electroluminescent technology, are  shared  with you throughout the training process. Pete offers new and innovative application, electronic and diagnostic techniques that will ignite the light in your projects.


Whether you are just learning about LumiLor or you’re a certified LumiLor applicator, we offer custom training packages to fit every level of experience.


From the fundamentals of LumiLor to the leading-edge of sprayable electroluminescence, Pete’s training will give you the skills and confidence to take your LumiLor to the next level.  


Pete and his team work directly with you, the client, to build a training package that best fits your needs. Offering individualized training classes in application, electronics and diagnostics to ensure your LumiLor journey is successful.

Are you new to LumiLor and want to learn more about getting started? Contact Pete.

Are you currently an applicator wanting to take on more advanced projects? Contact Pete.


Do you want to offer your customers the most cutting-edge designs and finishes? Contact Pete.

Pete and the Paint With Light Solutions team will assist your company to become a leading LumiLor applicator, offering state-of-the-art sprayable electroluminescent application and design. Pete has trained shops and applicators all over the world including, Zizzo Racing (NHRA), Count's Kustoms, Shaanxi LumiLor, and Detailing Devils.

Let us light your way, solutions are just a click away. 


What is Electroluminescent paint ?