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 Application & Consulting

Paint With Light Solutions offers professional electroluminescent paint application and consulting services to assist customers in creating state-of-the-art hand crafted light.


Whether you are a customer looking to have a  one of a kind project completed or an applicator looking for advanced support, Pete’s consulting services will give you the knowledge and confidence to see it through.

Pete's background in sprayable electroluminescence has given him the know-how to successfully execute projects previously deemed impossible. 

Lexus collage.jpg


From personally completing your project, to offering phone and email support. Pete and his team work directly with you to develop a personalized consulting plan that works for you. Pete has facilitated the success of projects such as Embraer Praetor 500 & 600, Airbus A350-1000, Lexus-heart racing, Progressive Yamaha Striker, ToyMakerz trailers, and Racing Extinction-Tesla


Increase your Success, let Pete be your Solution.


Pete’s consulting services will give you a deeper understanding of how to properly execute your project from beginning to end including:

·      Project/prototype completion

·      Project consultation- design, layout, electronics

·      Email support/diagnostics for applicators and customers

·      Phone support/diagnostics for applicators and customers

·      Instructional Video support/conferences

·      On-site support services

·      Project management

What is Electroluminescent paint ?

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