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Paint With Light Solutions was created by Pete Gonzales to be the perfect balance between art and functionality.  Pete and his experienced team offer advanced electroluminescent application, training, and consulting services to bring your ideas to light.

After moving from his successful airbrushing and painting career to become Chief Operating Officer of Darkside Scientific, Pete spent five years developing and bringing the patented LumiLor® to market. His expertise established LumiLor® as one of the most rapidly growing products in the paint and coatings industry. As an inventor on Darkside Scientific's LumiLor® patent and the 2017 winner of SEMA's prestigious Innovator of the Year Award, Pete played an instrumental role in the development of LumiLor® and still remains an active shareholder in Darkside Scientific (the creators of LumiLor®).


Paint With Light Solutions allows Pete to spend more time exploring his artistic roots and the limitless abilities of electroluminescent paint on all types of projects.

As a client, you will find Pete is the solution to your Light Emitting Coating needs. His artistic aptitude, wealth of knowledge, and experience with projects both large and small are the answer to getting the most value out of your custom paint experience.

Pete's leadership has been instrumental in the development, application, and use of electroluminescent paint with some of the largest companies in the world including Airbus, Lexus, and more.

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